Sunday, February 1, 2009

Challenge for Diehard Fans

I need your help! I received an email from a fan of mine whose best friend just died. A quotation by Dove has been running through her brain and she has searched and searched, but cannot find it. So she wrote me. But, I’ll be honest with you all, I don’t remember my work that well (my brain is usually focused on the book I’m currently writing as well as the one I’m promoting). So, I figured (well, I know) that some of you remember my work better than I do. Or some of you might have recently read the book where the quotation is written. Connie thinks it might be in Seven Sisters, but she looked through it page by page and could find it. The quotation has the words “dancing with Jesus” in it. You know, I do remember writing it…but I just don’t know where it is! Thanks, Earlene p.s. If you know it, please send it to my email address on my website.