Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where in the world...

is Earlene Fowler? I’m right here! (I stole that from an old computer game kids used to check out of the library when I worked there in 1992–Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?)

I’ve been working hard at finishing up State Fair. It’s due on Monday, June 15, so I’m down to the wire. My original due date was May 1, but I had to ask for an extension. So June 15 is truly a drop dead day! (And that’s exactly what I feel like doing right now).

So, except for a wonderful long weekend where I spoke at the Kingman, Arizona Book Festival, I’ve had my nose to mu computer. I went through my normal panic when I finished the first draft (last Saturday at 8:19 p.m. to be exact). I always hate my first drafts. But I’ve been rewriting this week and am feeling better about it. It really is about layering, going back through and clarifying what I meant, changing a word here, a sentence there. My books are always so clear in my head. It never reads as good on the page as it does in my head (kind of like how I look better in my bathroom mirror than in the pictures people take of me).

Right now I’m watching “Tattoo Highway” on A & E. They are in Albuquerque. For some reason I love all those reality shows about the tattoo culture even though I don’t have one. I wonder if anyone has ever gotten a quilt tattoo? If I got a tattoo it would probably be a combination of a pen, a quilt pattern and maybe a cross.

Okay, just wanted to say howdy and let those of you who follow my blog that I’m doing okay. (Yes, I know I’m the worse blogger on earth–forget about me every twittering or tweeting!) Back to work tomorrow on the rewrite. I’m on page 200 (of a 436 page manuscript).

Happy Trails! Earlene