Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back Onshore

I'm back from my New England quilting "Cruise for a Cure." A great time was had by all (I hope! I certainly had a wonderful time). Am desperately trying to finish rewrite of "State Fair" which is due September 24. But here are some highlights of my time at sea with a hugely talented and fun bunch of quilters!

1. LAX - Never Again. I'm a native South Cal girl. I should have known better. Sticking with the Duke (aka John Wayne airport)

2. Baltimore, MD - hot, muggy, beautiful National aquarium (loved the jellyfish exhibit), Lewis African-American museum very moving, delicious Greek dinner at The Black Olive with friends, Sue and Paul, and oh, those Berger cookies!

3. Cruise ship - floating city with shopping mall--Vegas buffet, two pools, a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop, Seattle's Best coffee and fresh towels every day folded in the shapes of monkeys, lobsters, gekkos and puppies--what's not to like?

4. Portland, ME - day with Tina and Tom who drove in from New Hampsire--lighthouse tour, first time at Tim Horton's (Canadians will understand), fresh lobster roll--Yum!

5. Bar Harbor, ME - still hot and sticky, cute town, bought sea glass necklace from artist in the park and a quilt wallhanging of a moose, another lobster roll bites the dust

6. Saint John, New Brunswick - exciting Farmer's Market, cool and lovely park where we met a family with a corgi named Tully (had to stop and fawn)--missing Boo! Lobster roll numero tres (sensing a trend)

7. Halifax, Nova Scotia - bus tour of town with tea at historical Halifax Club (me), tall ship adventure (Allen), still hot and over-the-top muggy (thank you, Hurricane Bill), but view of city from Citadel is incredible (no lobster roll today--I felt bereft)

8. Various days at sea - gave some talks, answered some questions, signed some books - loved hanging out in the "Singing in the Rain" lounge outside the conference rooms where quilters took classes. Example of exchange--Me to quilters, "Aren't you done with that quilt yet?" Quilters to me, "Aren't you done with that book yet?" (Touche--I tried to work on "State Fair" but kept falling asleep--not because it's boring, but because the ship's library chairs were so comfortable!)

9. Boston--Allen and I took two hour tour of city highlights ending up in Quincy Marketplace--lobster roll number four (more than a obsession!)

Once we returned to Baltimore it was a quick trip to the airport, but a long trip back home. We stepped across our threshold at 11 p.m. Picked up Mr. Boo the next day. He was hysterically happy (so were we!) He spent first day home methodically sleeping in all his special spots around the house. Allen and I sat down at the table and waited for dinner to be served. When we finally realized the cruise was over, I ordered us a pizza. Real life resumed. Still waiting for lobster roll number five.