Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nice People, Mean People and Errors in State Fair

Hey to all you eagle-eyed readers out there!

Okay, I just want to write a post to let you know that I am aware of all the grammatical and other errors in State Fair. I know each book has mistakes (everyone who is involved with making books is human, after all), but this one seems to have more errors than normal. I'm only going by what you all have written me (I don't read the final book when I receive it because I'm always working on the next one and never have the time). I've reported it to my editor and they are going to look into why this particular book had so many problems. It is read by many people along the way, so I'm not quite sure how it happened. But I've been promised that they will be corrected in the paperback edition.

To those of you who have written me and been kind about the errors, thank you. If it bothers you, can you imagine how much it bothers me? But, I've also learned that in the larger scheme of things (i.e. the wars, the economy, child abuse, the oil spill in the Gulf, homelessness, crime, hurricanes and earthquakes, etc, etc) it is a small worry. But I appreciate you not blaming me and instead choosing the high road and telling me how much you like the plot and characters and style of my writing. Your encouragement and support makes the hard days easier and the good days better!

To those of you who have written negative and angry emails about the errors as well as other things you don't like about my books, please, just move on. Fact: I delete mean emails after reading the first negative sentence. If you don't like my books, then please, just don't read them. There's plenty of other great authors out there to read. When I don't like an author, I simply don't read them any longer. But I don't write them and try to make them feel bad about what they've written, because it's their book, not mine. I'm the guest, not the homeowner. And I was raised to be a polite guest. (Frankly, Dove would be ashamed of some of you!)

But, I want to end on a positive note. I have to say that 99% of my letters from fans are positive and encouraging and I am thankful for every one of you. Most of you Dove would throw her arms around and give a big ole hug! And invite you home for butterscotch pie. That's what I wish I could do to everyone who takes the time to encourage me.

Hope summer is treating you kindly. I'm already doing research for my next book (sequel to The Saddlemaker's title yet). The first thing I'm doing is rereading the book so I can remember what happened to Ruby, Lucas, Birch and the rest of the gang in Cardinal!

And my office is ALMOST clean now! Goodwill is getting a lot of extra office supplies. The big question is, where did I get all those extra boxes of staples?

Happy Trails, Earlene