Friday, March 6, 2009

Love Mercy Tour -- Fresno, CA

Sisters, sisters, everywhere! Last night I had a bunch (bevy? barrage?) of Beta Sigma Phi Sisters come to my signing in Bakersfield. Tonight I had a pre-signing meal with the San Joaquin Sisters in Crime, then after my signing, dessert with more Beta Sigma Phi Sisters. Sisters rule! And, to be honest, every person who loves my books feels like a sister to me, like someone who is traveling with me as I wander through the lives of Benni, Gabe, Dove, Hud, Ruby, Lucas, Love, Mel and Rett. When we all get together and talk about San Celina or Cardinal or Morro Bay, they feel like a real places (well, Morro Bay is a real place!) It still amazes me how one person–a writer–can put words, sentences and paragraphs down on a blank page and other people–readers–can create a world in their heads, one that is something like the one I invent, but not exactly. That’s the thing I try to teach young people about books, how it is the only art form where they can create along with the writer. It is such a personal relationship, the one between writers and readers (I know how you all feel because I’ve been a reader much longer than I’ve been a writer). I think that’s why it feels like we know each other when we meet. I’ll be going home on Sunday after spending tomorrow at my friend Bunny Brown’s ranch in Riverdale (yes, she’s the inspiration for the Bunny in Broken Dishes). This has been a short driving tour for me and I still have my local signings to do, but I’ve traveled to some of my favorite parts of California. Places I not only love because of their physical beauty (I had to stop and take a picture of the almond tree blossoms outside of Traver because they were so gorgeous), but even more because of the people. I appreciate your loyalty and support more than I can say. So, what was today like? I left Bakersfield and drove up Highway 99 with a fuel and food stop in the town of Traver. There’s a wonderful cheese and nut store there (the name eludes me because it’s so late and the bag of stuff I bought there is out in my car). I bought Allen some almonds and cashews, but don’t tell him…it’s a surprise. I also had a delicious tri-tip sandwich made the way it’s supposed to be made…on a open grill with an oakwood fire. I put salsa on it (like a native knows to do) and ate it with a large Coke. Best meal I’ve had on this trip! Can’t beat it. I’ll write again soon, but Sunday I’ll be home and Monday back to work on State Fair. This has been a short tour, but so much fun for me. Still have some local signings so come on out if you have time!

Happy Trails, Earlene