Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love Mercy Tour -- Home

I know I sort of left you all hanging. After my signing in Fresno, I spent the day and night with my friend, Bunny Brown, in Riverdale. (Yes, she’s the “Bunny” in Broken Dishes!) We went up to a place on her ranch called Section 9 (near Coalinga) where we watched some of her horses, cattle and her five cattle dogs frolic in the gorgeous green hills. I swear, the dogs and horses acted positively drunk on the incredible air. There were about 20 of us there for a birthday party for her friend, Bonnie. I took photos of the dogs and horses and will post some of them soon on my website. Then I drove home! Boy, was I happy to sleep in my own bed. This was actually a short tour for me. I’m used to doing more like 15 cities in 16 days, sometimes flying cross country. So, despite my whining, this was a snap. It sure felt good to come home. Allen and Boo were glad to see me (though Boo was mad for a few hours, my punishment for being gone) I rested on Monday, then intended to start writing on Tuesday…then Allen got sick. So, there you go. It’s hard for me to work with someone in the house (especially someone hacking and coughing). But, he’s doing okay now (just a touch of the flu). I signed in Pasadena on Saturday; Garden Grove today. Tomorrow, it’s back to working on State Fair (though I’m starting to get a scratchy throat…) My deepest thanks to all of you who have taken the time to come to my signings and buy books. During these hard times, I so appreciate the support. Lots of creamers getting won at the signings. After my last signing (March 28), I’ll post the website winners.

Happy Trails, Earlene