Sunday, March 22, 2009

Searching for Mother's

Book promoting is hard on writers…both physically and emotionally. We’re doing the one thing that most of us feel uncomfortable with, going out in public and explaining to you what we do in private. Some (somewhat sick, I think) writers cope with this by lots of exercise, sessions with their therapists or eating healthy. I and the writers I love, whine to our friends (when they aren’t avoiding us), watch daytime TV (thank you, ladies of the View) and eat our favorite junk foods. Yes, we should be working on our next book or our pecs or grouting the tile in our unfinished bathrooms. Instead, we eat cookies and candies and fried tacos. Please, no lectures. We do what we need to survive. So, during my tour I scoured the grocery stores for Mother’s iced animal cookies and I was dismayed to find them…nowhere! I tried the Keebler ones (too stingy on the multi-colored candy dots), the Nabisco ones (better, but still no blue ribbon) and continued to look for Mother’s. I rarely eat them and when I do, only the pink ones (I have no idea why–yes,I know the white ones taste exactly the same). But when I want them, I want them. Yesterday, at Vons, the fourth grocery store I searched, I finally asked a clerk. Apparently, Mother’s cookies went out of business! I had no idea and I mourn their passing. Another part of my childhood has disappeared. Mama always bought Mother’s cookies because they were cheap and we loved them. I haven’t googled yet to find out the details, so am taking the clerk’s word for it. But let’s give a shout out to Mother’s. I wish I could have supported you more, but if I had, I would have triple chins instead of a double one. I’ll always remember you with joy.
Happy Trails (of cookie crumbs…), Earlene