Monday, October 26, 2009

Kindles, Facebook and The Saddlemaker's Wife Sequel

One of the things that's great about this newsletter/blog is I can answer questions that people send me. Here are three that have come up more than once. If you have a question, please email me and I'll answer it when I can!

Why aren't you on Facebook?

To be honest, time. I know lots of people who belong to Facebook and from what I can gather, it takes a bit of work to keep up on your Facebook page. I can barely get my books written, my filing done, my dog brushed and my husband fed. I just can't add one more thing to my life. For now, this blog will have to do in keeping people up on what I'm doing. The time I suspect I'd end up spending on Facebook, I'd probably be better off organizing my forty years of photos!

Do you have a Kindle? Do you like it? What do you think about e-books?

I initially wasn't thrilled about e-books. I love the feel and smell and look of "real" books. When my agent and my webmaster both bought Kindles and LOVED them, well, I began to think about buying one.

Both my agent and webmaster are women who love books and reading. So I bought a Kindle. (And, yes, it was before the price went down, which annoys me, but that's life). I'll never like e-books as well as physical ones. But it does have its place, I think. I admit getting a book you want to read in 60 seconds is quite amazing and for traveling, well, I have forty books on my Kindle and it weighs about the same as a paperback book. You can't beat that with a stick. Will it be good for authors? I'm not sure as I'm not real clear how we get paid for the books downloaded (which, from what I hear, is only about 3 or 4% sold at this point).

I don't think we can avoid the fact it is likely the future of books. I suspect it won't overtake "real" books for a while, but this next generation is being raised on reading things on screens, so I'm guessing it won't bother them as much as me. But, I still buy my favorite authors in hardback real books. I've found I mostly buy paperbacks and non-fiction on e-book. I don't know why that is.

Are you really going to write the sequel to The Saddlemaker's Wife?

Yes, I signed another two book contract that will start after State Fair. I'm working on another Benni Harper book right now (Spider Web). When I finish that (my publisher wanted two Benni books in a row), then I'll write the sequel to The Saddlemaker's Wife.

Do I know what it will be about? Well, when you read TSW prologue you know that Ruby eventually comes back to Cardinal. What you don't know is what happened, how long it took and what her relationship is with the people there. That is, of course, what the sequel will be about. At the end of TSW she is going to Nashville to help her sick brother. That seems a logical place for the sequel to start, but I can't promise that is what will happen...because I don't know what will happen until I write it! How's that for being vague?

I'm off to Manhattan (Kansas, that is!). Allen, unfortunately, has to stay home and tend to the homefires (and the dog). If you're in Manhattan on Friday, I'll be talking and signing books at the Manhattan Public Library at 3:30. Come see me in the Little Apple!

Happy Trails, Earlene