Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dog Days of April

I mean that title literally.

Why is it that when I am desperately trying to work on my next book (manuscript due in July), getting the postcard mailing out for my booksignings, going through my clothes trying to figure out what to pack for book tour (if I only weighed 10 pounds less I'd have plenty to wear), gearing up my perky persona for public appearances (as opposed to the scraggly, non-makeup-wearing, book writing hag seen only by my husband and the people at doggie daycare), why is it then that my crazy little puppy (Boo is six years old now!) starts vomiting indiscriminately?

The record was seven times one night. Now, at fifty-five years old (young? not feeling so young at 2 a.m.) that is rough. I'm dead the next day. So, of course, those of you who have animals know, I started the whole changing foods, consulting Internet sites, going to vet and having tests done. For almost two weeks Boo couldn't keep half his food down. Eventually, after many tests, including an ultra sound (for which he had to experience his very first Brazilian wax job--well, actually, they shaved him), it was diagnosed as Inflammatory Bowel Disease. So, he's being treated, is on a special diet and is doing much better. And I asked for a 2 week extension for my book, so I'm not quite as panicked as I was. I've also had some other personal family problems, but with the help of God and my faithful friends, I'm feeling pretty good about going out on the road. Just do me a favor and pray for good weather. My flying schedule is so tight that one thunderstorm could throw it all to heck!

I'm excited about coming out to talk about State Fair. I'll also be talking about Love Mercy, which comes out in paperback at the same time. I know many of you were waiting for the paperback and I'm looking forward to more people meeting Love Mercy Johnson, her best friend Magnolia Sanchez and Love's eighteen-year-old banjo-playing granddaughter, Rett. If the paperback book sales are good, it might convince my publisher that people would be interested in a sequel (so far, I don't have a contract for another Love Mercy book as the sales in 2009 weren't that good--hopefully because of the economy, not because people didn't want to read the book).

So, back to work now so that this time next year you'll have another Benni book to read. Hope to see you out on the road! (Check under appearances on website for my schedule).

Praying for safe travels and happiest of trails for everyone, Earlene