Friday, January 7, 2011

State Fair Corrections Clarification

Okay, I failed as a communicator because many of you have emailed me confused about my last blog about the corrections for State Fair.

I have the page proofs, but am not sending them to anyone (my publisher wouldn't care for that). What I meant is if you saw any errors in your hardcover editor of State Fair and you'd like them corrected for the paperback edition (which comes out in May 2011), I can incorporate them into the page proofs sent to me by my publisher if you send them to me before January 21, 2011. (Preferably way before...I'll probably send them the night of 2oth). Thanks!

I hope that clears up any confusion. Mea culpa! (In my defense, I'm having a new staircase and banister being built this week and I'm trying to work with nail guns and saws going on in the next room. Boo is at doggie daycare...lucky him!)

Happy Trails, Earlene

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

State Fair Corrections--Here's Your Chance!

A really quick note! Seriously. Just received the page proofs for the paperback version of State Fair, the book that caused so much consternation. Here's your chance to get those corrections done! Send them to me and I'll work them in (keep in mind, I can only do actual corrections, no rewriting). I'll be reading it to try and find the mistakes also, but thought I'd give you English majors a chance! I do have a few emails where people gave me the page and line where mistakes were found, so that helps. I have to turn them in by January 21 (my page proofs for Spider Web are due Jan 14).

Thanks for your help! Earlene

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Cover, New Contest!

Happy New Year! Just a quick note (short blog...a nog?) to let you know that the cover for SPIDER WEB (pub date May 3, 2011) is up on my website along with the cover copy from the front of the book. It'll give you a little idea of the plot. Also, there's a new contest, a chance to win a San Celina Police Department cap. I just had a bunch more made. There'll be three people who will win, but I'll give more away in later contests. This contest runs until April 15th (we need something to look forward to on that day). Then I've got some cool stuff relating to SPIDER WEB that I'll have as prizes for another contest. Good luck and hope you all in the Midwest, South and East aren't suffering too much from this rain California is sending across the US. We received 12 inches in 6 days here in Orange County...a record for me and I'm a native Southern Californian! Luckily, storm drainage is great where I live (not too close to either the ocean or the foothills) so no damage except an unhappy dog (Boo hates the rain).

Take care and drive safely! Earlene