Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where have I been?

Okay, when I got a phone call from my friend, Katsy, asking me if she'd been dropped from my blog list, I knew I'd gone too long between postings. (I assured her she hadn't been). I did promise you all from the beginning I wouldn't bug you too much, so I've kept my promise. I see the last posting was September 15th. I guess it was from that moment that my life went a little bit loony-tunes. I won't go into graphic (boring) detail but it involved:

1) Spider Web being a heck of a book to write and rewrite and rewrite...
2) Allen's vacation--we took all three weeks in October and December
3) Thanksgiving was at my house this year for the first time in I don't know how long (fun, but exhausting)
4) Time-consuming canine skin problems involving baths, creams, vet visits, more baths, etc.
5) And to top it off, during Thanksgiving weekend my sister and I decided to move my dad to another assisted living home, one we felt was much better for him.

I'm happy to say that Spider Web is DONE, really done, and it in typesetting phase right now. We had fun on vacation visiting my niece in Coos Bay, Oregon in October and going to Bishop, California and National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada in December (research for sequel to Saddlemaker's Wife, which I'm getting ready to start). Thanksgiving was fun and the leftover turkey and ham heavenly. Boo's skin is almost back to normal (some kind of allergies) and Daddy's happy in his new home where he has a window that looks out on the front yard and he can see everything that is going on in the neighborhood (our family is notoriously nosy--both parents--so I come by it honestly). He had four doctor appointments in less than a month, but they are all done now. Whew! All that's left is Christmas and that will be a very calm one this year. Thanksgiving was our big hoedown.

I'm so behind on everything that Amazon beat me in posting the cover to Spider Web. Check it out if you have time. It's a very striking cover and I like it a lot. It'll be up on the website soon. I need to write a short blurb about it (next on my "to do" list!). Besides, I wanted to wait until Tina (beloved webmaster) was on Christmas vacation so I didn't overload her with work. There'll also be another contest. I had some more San Celina Police Department hats made so I think I'll give away four of them. I'll send another quick newsletter when we get that set up, so you can enter and maybe win one. I'll try to get it up before the end of the year.

So, that's it. Just wanted to say howdy and let you know I am still here, diligently writing, and trying to live my life. Spider Web is a special book to me. I dedicated part of it to the men and women of our military because one of the plots has to do with Gabe and his service in Vietnam. I send warm Christmas (and late Hanukkah) greetings to all of you who are serving in the military, especially those overseas. Thank you for your dedication, your bravery and your service.

And a Merry Christmas and peaceful, blessed New Year to everyone else. Drive safely and stay warm. If I could, I'd box up some of this unseasonable California sunshine and send it out to all of you stuck in that Arctic freeze. But, don't feel too bad, our sunny weather is ending as of tomorrow night. Between you and me, I'm glad. It's Christmas, for cryin' out loud! A little cool weather is welcome (but you all can keep the black ice).

Happy Trails, Earlene