Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Sayin' Howdy (and asking for your help!)

So...howdy!  Things have been quiet around my house these days.  And that is definitely not a bad thing. I've been cleaning and weeding through possessions (Why do I own twelve nail clippers?  Because it was always the thing I forgot to pack when I was going on book tour every year).  I've also been reading a lot, traveling with friends, writing letters, doing crafts (still scrapbooking our 2005 Alaska cruise!), actually making healthy food for Allen and me.  Just living life, like the rest of you.  Boo had an operation a few months ago when they found a large tumor hooked to his jugular vein.  Fortunately, it wasn't malignant.  It sure was scary for a few days though.

I recently went on a trip with a friend to Lake County, California, where we drove the quilt trail.  There were thirty-eight quilts painted on barns, wineries, bbq restaurant, stores, Lake County Fairgrounds, even a ladder company!  We found all of them but ONE!  It was great fun.  There's nothing like girlfriend vacations. I have a few more planned over the next year. When Allen and I drove back to North Carolina to visit his baby sister last year and we dropped down into Mississippi for a chance to mark things off our bucket lists--Oxford and Jackson, Mississippi for me and Vicksburg Battleground for Allen--it killed me that there were so many other places we had to drive past and not visit.  But Allen only had two weeks vacation.  We're looking forward to the day (God willing, six years) when Allen doesn't have to work 50-60 hours a week and we can experience more of this great country (Niagra Falls, here I come!).  Keep your guest room ready and put on the coffee...I may drop by!

To answer your question (I know you're wondering).  I'm still not writing right now.  I'm really just waiting on God to point me in the direction I'm meant to go.  I have a few characters treading softly inside my head, but nothing concrete yet.  I promise, when I write again, you all will be the first to know.  I still carry a notebook with me and take there is something going on up there!  Just not sure what...

So, how can I use your help?  I received an email from my editor telling me that the paperback for The Road to Cardinal Valley will be coming out in January 2014.  I have a small window of opportunity to correct any mistakes (Dale Evans' horse is named Buttermilk, not Buttercup! Brain hiccup...honestly I did know that).  If you have any corrections, please send them to me via my website email or Facebook by July 8th.  I'm also rereading it to attempt to catch any errors.  But it's often hard to find your own mistakes. Thanks in advance for any help!  (By the way, if anyone knows what page it is where Dale's horse is talked about, please let me know...don't want to miss it twice!)

Hope you all have a wonderful summer filled only with swimming at the beach or lake, numerous barbecues with friends and family, long walks with your dogs, reading delicious books with your cat curled up in your lap and lots and lots of s'mores! (I recently found Moonpie coffee in my local World Market store...not as good as real Moonpies, but definitely less fattening).  Have fun and keep away from mosquitos!

Happy Summertime Trails, Earlene